Girl Talk for my Boy

Mummy and Alice are the most important people in your life
Y’know y’my guy but there’s something about my daughter and my wife
They won’t let you down and disappoint like I might do some day
No toxic masculinity like we have in our way
We’re the worst
Men are cursed
And we take that out on them
I think back to the words of a once loved comedian
Race will work it out one day because it’s just ridiculous
But forever there will be divide between female kind and us
We hate them, love them, crave them, reject them, this guy knows the score
When we found out he forced himself, he was beloved no more
And there’s more, many more
What goes on behind closed doors?
Men we looked up to for decades treating trusting girls as whores
Children’s entertainers, politicians, music stars…….
We put them all on pedestals when they all belong in bars
And how do men react to this? With honour and decorum?
Either say “well that’s not me” or “it’s women who’re the problem”
“It’s a witch hunt!”
“It’s a fad!”
“A time for men so bad!”
The language of the papers as if all victims were mad
“Birds are squawking, hens are gaggling, need to put this tale to sleep”
“If I wolf whistle or wink I’m now considered a creep?”
They are a dirty creep and so am I and so is he
Without the ladies in our life we simply would not be
And I’m not just talking childbirth, though we’d never cope with that
Who forgives you, loves you, thinks about you when you’re nothing but a rat?
The qualities of man are mainly physical and dense
A hunter’s mind, towering size and raw brute strength
With this we have the power for ultimate protection
But our mothers, sisters, wives take second place to our erections
Men are simple, men are pigs
With every chance to be so big
Been dancing on your laurels and it’s time to end the jig
You’ve royally screwed up guys
And now there’s no disguise
Women have the tools and so there’s nowhere to hide
Before there was the press but these are largely run by men
With ways to victim blame, to blackmail and to silence them
Now contact is free
No way to silence speech
To oust a messed up man now all it takes is just a tweet
So think about that next time that your eyes and hands are wondering
The distress caused deserves a pause, a moment of your pondering
The women in your life need to be cherished, loved and cheered
Instead they’ve had to live with condescension and fear
These women are incredible in body, spirit, mind
Women are benevolent, giving and kind
Women are protectors much greater than men
Women in the end will put you before them
Women are intelligent and simply better company
Women are creative, sative, interested and funny
Men earn much respect with less than women and girls
Imagine the utopia if women ruled the world
So if you can find a woman who trusts you absolutely
Reflect on that when men have let them down so completely
Would you take the only slice of bread that doesn’t have mould?
Would you hug a lion fiercely just because you’ve been told?
Would you trust a dodgy seller after being ripped off?
But a woman’s trusted you and it comes with a cost
Show her how it could be,
Show her how it should be
Two separate parts of one singularity
Men are in the dog house and sleeping on the couch
But son now you can change this
Just ask a woman how

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