Lost Keys

Moderation is key and I’m a lock jammed with gum
Either excess or abstinence; can’t deal with a little or some
Rule of thumb, just one leads to another
No dismount, lose count, reckless and smothered
Discard one fling out comes another lover
One night stand, grand, and then your kids she’s mothered
Then you’re in too deep, cut ties, lose sleep
Crack a bottle, bottoms up, drip drip and repeat
Chest gripped, zipped tight, needs swift release
Scav a ciggie, draw hard for immediate relief
A proud ex-smoker, it’s a one off thing
4 weeks pass of collecting ashtray dimps
What a wimp, what a chump, get down in the dumps
Knock it all on the head, gear up for a run
Adrenaline junkie takes place of substance
Wake up, lace up leave the house at once
Then get a cold ,chafe or some kind of ache
Which delays for a time sometimes ten days
Now I’m out of the loop, of the habit of the rhythm
Pudding and man no longer a schism
Chocs for the family, tan the whole lot
They’d taste much better with a side of pot
Best not
Hopes shot
Self – discipline rocked
Moderation is the key and I’ve changed the locks

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