Time – Lapse Whibley

Beautiful girl
We’re on our first date
One year anniversary
Time’s a week late
Test came up green
Bump Fu supreme
Bruce’s round head looking up at me
Now he’s smiling and charming the socks off everyone
So long China and the Whibleys are gone
Exiled in France
Stressed out of our pants
Came off
Good night
Mixed race romance
Noises from the toilet
Wife’s feeling sick
Go back repeat lines 4,5 and 6
Propped up in hospital
Here comes trouble
Alice Jolene is Bruce’s double
Channel hop again 4 Whibs on a plane
Relocation to the wind and the rain
Bruce is in nursery
Primary school
2 big kids and 2 big fools
Can’t keep up with an ever changing world
Just now was admiring a beautiful girl

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