Literally Zombies

I can hear their feet dragging and scraping on the street
Peaking through the blinds hoping they won’t notice me
There’s zombies on the pavement and I’m stuck at home
No this isn’t an allegory for folks on their phones
They’re literally there they’ve gathered and formed
They’ve started getting closer and closer to the door
Moaning in unison, a force to resist
It’s not a metaphor for modern day fascists
There’s blood dripping from their lips, they’ll eat anything
No, this isn’t a vegan/ vegetarian thing
They want to eat my brains and drain my energy
Fuck, no, not like how Google is acting as a replacement for millennials memory
Mum, not everything I say is some kind of symbolism
Well, so what if I’m talking to you in a rhythm?
You think this is an odd time to rhyme?
I want to crank out one last poem before I die
They’re banging right now, will you just let me finish?
No I’m not being satirical about Jehovah’s Witness
Mum you need to get out, can you find an exit?
And don’t you dare suggest this is my take on Brexit!

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