My lids were lifted and the ceiling was closer,
The floor was further away.
No floatation though, well suspended.
My back was held in place.
Sculpted between my shoulder blades,
I could feel the supports of which I was raised.
They were solid, unbreakable, stronger than oak.
Every pore of my skin gave off wisps of smoke.
I’m not scared.
I really fucking should be;
Fear seems an alien concept to me.
I roll to the left and thump to the floor,
I’m heavier now yet my arms can do more.
I lift with ease.
(Did three push ups yesterday it wasn’t a breeze.)
But now I’m ripped.
Pecs so big they may as well be tits.
And I rise.
Catch myself in the mirror and I’m twice the size.
I’m a behemoth, crimson wings behind.
Thick as leather and as sharp as knives.
And I can move them with my mind.
No baby steps and no training yet
As if they’ve been limbs of mine my whole blind life.
And a short distance perched above my eyes are two stumpy horns on adjacent sides.
Should be horrified;
Temples vandalised.
I’m elated, placed first and got the ultimate prize.
Brittled brown hairs on skinny bone legs.
Not sure where my cock’s gone but its use is dead.
I’m a fighter not a lover,
A destroyer not creator,
A hate instigator, a brave manipulator.
Man has been poisoned and now I’m his maker.
Stamp my hooves on the throat of humanity
2017 been consumed by insanity.
I am order;
Judge, jury and murderer;
The flock is getting fat and now I’m the herder.
So check yourself for the days of the reckoning
The warden has arrived and Hell is beckoning.
I am Goliath, I am Baphomet
This is not a drill, you’ve already failed the test.
What did you expect?
No comeuppance for a runt with no regrets?
This isn’t a witch hunt nor too complex.
We’re leaving this world to those with respect
To rebuild this mess.
Let’s see how many of you that we’ve got left.

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