And Now…. Eternity

Blood on the Motorway
Blood on the Motorway
My hairs prick up for nine minutes and stay
It’s infectious, I get to the end and replay
Each strike of the keys is a shock to my soul
The mouth of a god and it’s swallowed me whole
A crisis of existence, the sounds of insistence
It’s made me it’s bitch and I give no resistance
The stroke of a creator in each beep and dot
It builds up and builds up and suddenly stops
Where did it go?
The silence is hell
Each second a lifetime and the tune can tell
So it stretches, it’s rude
10 years of solitude
Is it over? Have I missed it? Is it still track 12

The first returning strike of the keys
It’s impact a climax of pure release
“You have not betrayed your ideals, your ideals betrayed you”
Life was a waste until I heard this tune
The glistening pace a reflection of everything
Inflection, resurrection in the way he sings
Reminding of the struggles and all of the strife
The drums kick in and it’s all alright
Now it’s a party
Now it’s a breeze
Once was gripped and now I’m freed
Desired to leave but I’ll surely stay
In death there is no Blood on the Motorway

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