Breaking Point

I see them everywhere and I can’t get used to it
Used to assume my land was pure
Spilling their beliefs and they can’t help spewing it
Can’t see how we can take any more
Take us back to how it used to be
A thriving prosperous community
They know nothing of our values, nothing of our ways
Feels like a signal to the end of days
They stick to their own and refuse to integrate
Don’t look at me pal, I’m not your mate
My grandad fought in two world wars
Not to have your lot roaming in hordes
Are you even human? I’m starting to doubt it
Let’s take to the streets and chant and shout it
With your preachers of hate and your indoctrinations
Planning your next big intimidation
We’re at breaking point and it’s sickening me
Stick ’em all on a boat and drown them in the sea
Your claims to this country are weak and baseless
I’m sick of seeing all these fucking racists

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