Defened by the overly noticeable silence
The knots and twists of the carpet invoke vertigo
The sort of dive you’d be expecting violence
Bombarded with 2 for one, Thursday special promos
It’s curry club night and the feeling’s right
A Tesco ready meal slopped into a balti dish
Immortal naan bread and microwave rice
Stick on a pint and it’s 6 pound fortyish
What a bargain! Too good to be true!
All served miserably by a suicidal teen
Cheer up mate, I too was a Spoon
Simply a minion for the joyless joy machine
Split shifts of 8 hours stretched over twelve
Accepting a tip was strictly forbidden
Minimum wage in a corporate hell
Keepers of mundane secrets hidden
A minute late? Wage docked a quarter hour
Negative reinforcement style
Even supervisors drunk on power
20p inch to your ego a mile
No pints after work, maybe you nicked them
Fall in line or I’m telling Tim
Guilty until you’ve proved your innocence
Hell on Earth might be a tad less grim

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