Pick out his eyes with a hypnotised raven
Left in pieces at the side of the pavement
Shout out for help and the crowds ignore him
Times have changed, once all adored him
Let him know what it’s like to be a victim
A taste of his own imposition he’s inflicting
A taste of his own medication done sickening
Highlander absent devoid of the quickening
This is where he lays
This is where he stays
Face to the asphalt for the first time he prays
“Take me away now don’t let me decay
“Don’t give them the proof I’m a mortal disgrace
“I masqueraded as a deity and looked down on everyone
“I’m begging, do away with me Redemption has begun!”
“Redemption? You’re evil
“Your soul is irredeemable
“The thought of you in Heaven by my side is inconceivable
“Your spot in Hell is saved and is waiting for you
“But this spot in the dirt of reputation will do”

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