I want to be famous
Pics in the Metro everyday kind of famous
Being a dick to the waiter kind of famous
Glad of the exposure any time they blame us
For stirring controversy on purpose seeming aimless
Commercials for insurance starring me and be shameless
My face stuck on bottles of Fabreeze and they can aim us
People seem to hate me but at least I’m not nameless
And any attempt to slow us down and tame us
Thought they’d seen it all and then along came us

I want to be famous
Sex tape leaked by the cloud kind of famous
Never pay my tax and be allowed kind of famous
Gladly show the world that I’m a proud ignoramus
Pay the girls to say I’m well endowed and they came first
So big that Aussies try to find a way to claim us
So big the church hates, prays and waits to maim us
For saying anything with no way to contain us

I want to be famous
Face down in pools of my own sick kind of famous
Flogging pictures of my own dick kind of famous
Addicted, rehabilitated prick kind of famous
A real nasty looking piece of shit kind of famous
I want to be famous
I want to be famous

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