Happy National Poetry Day


Smack that snare on the down beat
Nice and neat just before we reach bar 16
Keep the cymbal splashy but not too flashy
Make sure that bass drum’s firm but mean
Stick to my time and all will be fine
The flow will be sick
Each rhyme of each line
Don’t get too sloppy if you don’t want a stroppy twat poet masquerading as a badass MC
Arms held out like East 17
Bass line distorted
Melody clean
All drop off for a bar or two
Come crashing back loud when you see my cue
Proper uplifting
Bring in the backing singers
Eardrum stinging
Gong whacked and let it linger
Stamp your feet and close your eyes
Don’t let on to anyone; a fake in disguise
Hide the fact each line is repetition
Tune comes from jamming devoid of true vision
In times requiring it to build up large
Rip off a classic, claim it’s homage
Quest and charge for original score
Everything’s already been done before
Let it soar, well cinematic
Stick on some strings, dead emphatic
All your best tricks, each track a killer
Every tune a thriller and allow no filler

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