Red Man

Started life as nothing more than a paper cut
Left untouched not much, would heal shut
But that’s not the fashion of a fidgeting mind
On the self, restraint won’t help, not this time
It’s scratched and picked at
Nibbled and licked at
The finest slash grows wider fast
A shallow nip soon turns to a gash
A drip to a drum to a shower to a splash
The daft imposition of an impotent man
Accusingly staring at a ripped up hand
Each strand of skin left over is peeled
Till nothing but muscle and bone is revealed
But why stop there?
Beyond repair
From wrist to shoulder he pulls and tears
From shoulder to neck to cheek to hair
Tweaking strands, tugging clumps then bare
He catches his reflection
Glossed and crimson
No chance of expression
Ligaments cling on
What have I become?
An idiot savant?
Leave your scabs alone, he knows but carries on
A wet suit de-robe, Bond but no tuxedo
This is me, this is real, skinned and exposed
Rapid blood flows, from head to toes
Knees disrupt the puddle
Mind trapped in a muddle
A smirk to a grin to a giggle to a chuckle

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