This home grown never looks the same
As the buds and the baggies from the kids down the way
That nostril stinging fruit infused strain
Has less of a whiff and more a bouquet
Organic, orgasmic, hallucinogenic
Ammonia free, no chemicals innit
One crumble and resin has filled up the grooves in your finger tips
Rub that shit into a worm and put it in
Luminous green won’t break like cardboard
A draw so clean not the only reward
Need to hoard that gold as soon as it comes around
Weed so good you can’t put it down
Colourful, light and fluffy once ground
Not long before crumbs replace your mound
And you’re scraping round your grinder with a knife
Never looking more a druggie to your worrying wife
Being extra careful not to shave off bits of metal
Bash the two halves together and watch the dust settle
Blinking, twinkling, precious crystals
Sprinkled Rizla, twist and lick all
Burn the wick a sec and pull
The world is light and bright and full

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