SU Debut

Nervousness of performance propels my body to the stage
Weeks then days then sitting waiting just minutes away
A cosy space as intimate as intimate could get
And yet I’m gazing out one hundred thousand standing in their debt
What do they expect?
Some puns or smut, some meta stuff, some cutting observations?
A handful easily pleased no doubt whilst most have reservations
As a default no one wants to laugh since arrogance brought you here
No gong to bang but wolves can turn as soon as they start smelling fear
And fear is rife, bones are shaking, though a hand stretched out sits steady
3 weeks of reams of dismissed sets flash front now time is ready
The air sits heavy as arms raise half way my mouth dropped down agape
Raised arms with mouth agape
Raised arms with mouth agape
“Well that’s my Adele impression out of the way”
No crickets but titters
Good enough for the jitters
Not quite Bill Hicks
But could’ve been much shitter

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