Mel’s Eye

2 days passed of matching, sorting, identifying, interlocking
1000 pieces and every single character
Every single face a black outline shaded yellow
2 spaces left but just one in the box
Sideshow Mel is missing an eye
Down to a pray I search but don’t find
Inside shoes, under draws, behind blinds
Not the first occasion this puzzle’s been done
Mel’s eye absent the whole time?
It’s surely somewhere
Not that I’d locate it
What is the fate of objects misplaced?
Lodged into the sofa chair
Through an undone patch of stitching
Floating in stuffing till the end of days?
One day the broom could have swept it away
From dustpan to bin to lorry to dump
Now buried way down under hundreds of tons
Bunked with fag ends, hoover dust, egg shells and flyers
Maybe not
Maybe carried away by a boot once when it got stuck on the grip in a groove
The boot whilst outside lost the piece in its stride
And lay in the street for a while
Until a curious gentleman with an eagle eye
Spied it one day and took it home
A new edition to his vast collection
Of missing pieces from complete sets
7 of clubs, padlock keys, earphone buds, Barbie accessories
Some say a hoarder but maybe just he’s
The guardian of all lost things

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