Two thirds water but what is the remainder?
More than maintained in the fabric of the frame
A unique culmination in your carbon container
A cauldron sits engraved with your name
But what’s inside much different from mine?
A medley muddled and reshuffled over time
Strawberries and cream, roses and wine?
Or lemons, margarine, nettles and turpentine
Perfume and varnish or piss and vinegar
You and I not completely dissimilar
But none two the same even twins with same names
Broken down components appearing unfamiliar
A mirror of yourself broken down for inspection
Equal parts love, hate, jealousy and praise
Maybe if you are a god’s true reflection
Inevitably one part to others outweighed
So what am I made of, do I know or not?
Floating on top my quota of water
Dreams, delusions, apathy and pot
Hope, fear and love for my son and daughter
Ambitious drive there appears just a pinch
Though progress from a time when there was none
When offered a mile I’ll take an inch
A diluted squash from the juice it could become

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