Invasion of the body snatchers and I’m Matthew
One of the last to go but now I’m through
Check the time, check the weather my bank or the news
Everything I do I’m looking at you
Need music, youtube, writing or reading
Every motion of my being my beast needs feeding
As the seeds were working their way into the nation
I upped and left and exchanged my station
Half a decade I escaped the pods
As I avoided gazes and suspicious nods
I unveiled my ten quid plastic communicator
Mouths fell open of humiliators
But they couldn’t see what I saw
Sugar glazed eyes and drool dripping jaws
Tables of four with nobody talking
Lampposts bashed any time they go walking
First day back in the motherland
The mothership sent me the top of the range and placed it in my hand
A bright white glow with a black bitten apple
I’m trapped, I’m grappled I’m a shadow of a man
And I can’t stand up to my dominant host
It doesn’t take much to give up the ghost
And every now and then I see a freer soul than me
And instead of raise my hands and admit jealousy
I raise it and point
My mouth stretched downwards
An unfounded otherworldly moan
This fucker doesn’t even have a smartphone!IMG_5571

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