Love Poem

You don’t love me when I take your toys away
Or when I try to move your hair from in front of your face
When I’m asking you to sit up straight
Or finish every last piece of food on your plate
Sometimes you hate me
When I brush your teeth or won’t give you sweets
Or refuse to carry you when you’re lazy in the street
You don’t love me when I turn the TV off
Or when I won’t get you any of the junk in the shop
Or when I turn the tap on and it comes out too hot
But you love me when we’re dancing in the kitchen to hip hop
When we sway and bounce and the beat drops we don’t stop
Top of the morning
Highlight of the day
Bopping and spinning we turn and then sway
The rest is mundane
A formality
Those moments don’t matter that you don’t love me

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