I didn’t realise that there was a dickhead seed
When planted you can grow yourself a dickhead tree
It might just be me but it seems to be
That harvests have been in abundance recently
I heard that they used to have a thriving popularity
But people got sick of the bitterness and consistency
The growth of the seed was suppressed but then the net came along and farmers had a place to meet
Gardening these days had become too PC
Wished things would go back to the way they used to be
So seeds were sent and passed onto their friends
And the cultivation once again became free
And now we’re overloaded with fruit
It’s crushing us
Life was getting sweeter but now it’s pushing us
Back to the past to the point that the whole land will be covered in forest
Thousands of trees dropping thousands of seeds
And the only fruit that we will heed
Are dickheads

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