Zero hour contract
Dementia tax
Integrity lacks and no signs of tact
No nurse bursary
No magic money tree
Unless trying to send bribes to the DUP
So fuck your LGBT
Good Friday won’t agree
Now we know the price for a two seat majority
Just 3 rebels in your seats is all you need to see the wasted ashes of that burning tree
At least the foxes are safe, for now
However legality has never been a requisite in doubt
And every weekend toffs on horseback rip up foxes, how fun!
How come the police do nowt?
Maybe for the same reasons
Spliffs are smoked in the streets and a mugger never runs
The same reason a killer known can attack three times and nothing’s done
But this is how the west is won
Underfund everything and see it crumble and rejoice
Tell everybody that there’s simply no choice
But to get your fella’s company to take care of security
To spy on all our history
No jobs for the boys
And America steps in when the NHS halts
Well don’t you know it’s all Europe’s fault?
Or immigrants or those last in office
Or every single Muslim
Beware of false profits
And Brexit’s going to save our bacon
Close the gate for families but when they need it as a tax haven it swings open
Plus we can scrap human rights and take down any red tape
Health and safety just gets in the way
Gets in the way of a quick buck
Shut the fuck up
Consider yourself lucky you’re not on the streets
Just don’t look up
Corbyn gets his fair amount of hate
But this man gets mobbed in the streets and cheered on a stage
While you’re running through your fields of wheat away from a human face
What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?
Was it bowing to a Saudi king before supplying him with bombs and guns
And anything else he needs to keep the Middle East from being over run?
Or was it the way you kept families apart for being foreign or gay
Without fulfilling your quotas anyway?
Was it the way you took money from the DLA or the lunch straight from children’s plates and gave it all to your mates?
Hang your head in shame
And the same for any dick who supports this regime of division and pain
But there’s whispers on the wind of change
More and more of us are starting to feel the same but don’t take it in vain
And never ever let it wane
And never ever let a Tory be in power again

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