Insignificant : Zoom 2

Nothing is big nothing small
An infinite Russian doll and we’re in the middle of them all
No doll insignificant to the components of the toy
Take one away and create a void
You feel so insignificant
No more you can become
If you’re insignificant then so is the sun
Plus every burning star and every turning galaxy too
Insignificant universe
Insignificant to who?
We zoom out in our heads and see all we can imagine
Then consider ourselves nothing more than a smidgen
In the grand scheme of things we make zero impact
But only if size is important
And in fact it’s not
It’s not about the mightiest and the minniest
There’s an order to things and our stage is this
Yes we can zoom out and feel ourselves shrinking
But zoom in too for a balanced way of thinking
Take any wondrous section of your anatomy
It is buzzing with life in thriving communities
Your body itself is a walking universe
You are God because you came first
Zoom in again and again further in
Get down to the smallest particle we’ve seen
And then we stop zooming
Because as it stands that’s as far as we can go
As it stands that’s all that we know
But I know that infinity works both ways
If we could zoom much closer a multiverse lays
Insignificant worlds build up my insignificant body
Insignificant words from an insignificant hobby
Insignificant love insignificant hate
Insignificance makes my pupils dilate
Insignificant tremors to an insignificant earthquake
Take insignificant lives from insignificant days
But take us all away and insignificance fades
Along with any kind of judgement or meaning or praise
And significance too
And all human ideas to existence moot
How big or how small no one has a clue
But there is nothing more significant
Or insignificant
As you

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