Sweating and rolling like bangers in a pan
We demand this heat but it’s more than we can stand
Binging on Vitamin D until we OD
Due to cursed rain on days like today it’s so green
And clean
The permanent grey hanging everyday makes it look depressing
Then the gloom’s washed away by a wave and it’s a blessing
The darks and the limes are fluorescent and tangy
From the parks and the gardens a harmony of lawn and leaves
Of birds and bees
Quite literally but also from the fact all occupants are students
The only ones free
Lying, laughing, gazing, drinking
No wonder everyone’s jealous of you
I’m jealous of you
Dressed in long black trousers and a buttoned up shirt
As slow as I can, approaching work
For just today off I’d give up a week of pay
To find a spot amongst the trees to watch the leaves play

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