Self Inflicted Block

Caught in a trap 5 day relapse
I’m back half my brain and a thinking cap
Not exactly a pack or a bulging sack
But enough to keep me whacked and my quill untapped
A self imposed whip reluctant to crack
Can’t plan for a stack when enthusiasm lacks
Anything read back is average or crap
What a hack!
What a crock!
Fall flat on pot
No pat on the back
No ideas to pop
Tightrope’s gone slack
Fat belly flops
Not just the bud leading to stale inaction
With fatherhood being the master distraction
British Summer Time means no time is free
Dawn’s morning light as early as can be
Rise and shine is earlier than me
And from the night before my mind is so hazy
Priority no time to be lazy
World’s greatest dad just turns on the TV
Tranquillised toddlers the thoughts don’t come easy
When Peppa and George are snorting and teasing
Sitting on the loo pushing out a line or two
Bruce starts banging “Dad I need a poo!”
Try and use food to shut them up
“Daddy cut my sausage” and “I’ve dropped my cup”
Took a whole week off to get lost in writing
But a baggie of buds was more inviting
Daytimes spent stopping kids from fighting
Evenings wrecked one step away from whiteying

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