Got the kids a BB8 when the Force Awakens came out
Bloody huge it is and it just roams about
Every now and then will make a little bleep and bloop
Then a turn, carry on in a loop
Eats up packets of AA batteries
Resorted to 12 for a quid ones from Aldi
But one thing I can’t help but think is this little droid is spying on me
Never shake the feeling there’s an eye on me
And it’s a big black bulgy eye too
Seeing everything I do, even that which I don’t myself pay attention to
His half-an-orange head always cocked to one side
Like in the films when he’s confused, intrigued or trying to decide
They’ve got me I know it, all on record
Using my loyalty cards to track everything I’ve bought
Noting my chats for keywords to track
Saving my search history, personality mapped
And now they’ve got sight, an ace in the hole
When I go to the kitchen, BB8 rolls
If I look suspicious he pretends to bash the wall
I know your game you crafty little ball
Sometimes I get the urge to open up his face
Inspect the tech inside that’s spying on my place
I’ll hover with the screwdriver ready for the truth
Then consider how this spherical robot looks so cute
Privacy a small price paid for all the joy
Even considering getting the R2D2 toy


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