On cold grey mornings in June in the north
Planèzes stays in my thoughts
A house so cheap in the early 90’s a small inheritance bought
A house so fused into the rock it’s bulging out the walls
A view of hills, river and vines from which their wine is adored
The cricket rattle of the day fades seamlessly into croaks
A chorus of frogs stand in as if the crickets’ voice had broke
Rosemary, thyme, fennel, mint forever the air is seasoned
Urgency strictly forbidden without a worthy reason
Doors, ears and hearts are open for friends any time it pleases them
No shop but bottles and green on hand at any time you need some
Planèzes a town of few a town of old a town of new
Icing the hill top cream and pink with sunlight and dew
Days spent at the river with wrapped baguette sandwiches and Oreos
Complimentary sunburn on the tops of ears and nose
Horseflies land without announcement dragonflies more welcome
Slowly head back to the house when all the crusties start to come
Firing up the barbecue with kindling and souche
Catalan sausage sizzles, crackles and hisses out juice
Amuse my bouche with Belgian beers and salted pistachios
Dijon mayonnaise, tabouleh and heavy red tomatoes
Rosé, red then muscat, night time walk amongst the stars
Their shine becomes more prevalent until the next passing car
How many walks and runs and rides have begun and concluded here?
How many games have been fought around this table?
How many have ended in tears?
How many cuts and grazes and more have needed the nurse’s help?
Party weeks all crammed inside
Or breaks all by themselves
How many times have nights be shortened by grumbles from the neighbours?
Never held against us
How many times have they forgiven us?
How much love has been enjoyed?
Take that any way you need
How many last encounters here?
How many kids conceived?
Planèzes my home away from home
Wherever that may be
Although it always changes
Planèzes remains my dream


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