Not That I’m Counting

Youngest of seven
Father of two
Maybe 3 eighths of my life is through
I’m one in a million Mancunians
Demi-Ireland half United Kingdom
My true other half from a country of a billion
Dripping in golden crimson vermillion
5,000 miles and back again
Dreamt of love since the age of eleven
Between then and now smoked 100,000 ciggies
4,000 grams and hundreds of biccies
Times years behind with none more ahead
10 guys from my childhood already dead
300 friends which I’m told is not many
Enough to defeat Persians if I had to fight any
Like to converse in groups of three or four
Know who I’d choose from 7 billion or more
Trillions of nerves and 15 stone
6 foot 3 with 206 bones
78 organs or maybe 77 since the status of my kidney is still unknown
3 years the maximum for holding down a job
Approaching three again getting itchy time to fob
Zero hour contract hoping will fade
30 minute break still goes unpaid
70 minutes every day on a train
Plus 40 more walking come shine come rain
Time accelerates at faster rates
34 years but feel 48

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