If you’re pushing hate on Muslims
Part blame lies with you
You are the objective, the result and the tool
You honestly believe these lost souls act for Islam?
To take the lives of innocents at the time of Ramadan?
Islam’s not the problem
Extremism is the enemy
The extreme muddy the name of any movement ,religion or ideology
The seeds of hatred planted and harvested by you
Chastising a whole group makes you a thick extremist too
Daesh finds new recruits from those attacked for their beliefs
By lashing out at Islam you give them that release
And so the process follows on accelerating with momentum
Pointing fingers the wrong way adds motivation for them
A cause has more support when opposition is apparent
Don’t fall into the trap when the goal is so transparent
Islam is so quick to condemn these bloody actions
But hatred over love in our press will gain more traction
Don’t offer that reaction
Stop complying with their plan
These heinous acts exist to make you hate Islam
Do you blame a Sunday church goer for the Ku Klux Klan?
Do the acts of the IRA put blood on every Paddy’s hands?
Try and take a stand and see it for what it really is
The crimes of weak corruptible easily brainwashed kids
And how were they so vulnerable to become a terrorist?
When all they ever hear is how evil their faith is

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