Surrounded by stone inside or out
Opposite a cliff in a small stone house
Pebbles in my shoes and in the kids’ mouth
It’ll make you sick quick spit it out now
Chips of slate laid down in driveways
And large plant pots kids nick em and play
Stash them away in their small coat pockets
On washing day they’re twice the weight
The rocks on the banks of the river don’t stay long
Making plops and singing songs
Guaranteed eventually to lift a large one
Arms not so strong toes are dropped on
Crystal drops fall from opal eyes
Rocking on a boulder rhinoceros size
Count to ten everything’s alright
Slightly upset not petrified
Stones underneath the railway lines
Where do they find the exact same kind?
Walls made of stone separate the sides
Gravel cruch underfoot collides and grinds

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