Pink Teddy Bears

Bruce found pink teddy bears
Sitting in the tunnel
Next to the swings, slides and basketball funnel
4 in total zipped up tight
Remanence dropped from the previous night
If the bag had been open he’d have given them a go
No way for him to know growing up in the town of Swizzles Matlow
But I knew, in an instant
And glimpsed to a time before rearing infants
No shame but guilt
An uncomfortable reunion of times fond still
The briefest of moments of slight temptation
Over-washed with more than a few reservations
Hesitation short
Typed in ‘pink teddy bears’
News reports
Just that week of 3 maybe more
Turning raver to corpse
Different clubs in the north
What if that was Bruce?
A seasoned popper couldn’t handle it
That’s the truth
No reason a toddler’d ever stand from it
What to do?
I dropped them off at the cop shop
Didn’t want my pockets acting as the cave of
Pink teddy bears
Used to be my buddies now they’re making Dad scared
Cursing the names of the kids who left them there
Could’ve been me
Getting called a hypocrite by Guy and Danny
Maybe it’s justified
Could’ve happened to anyone
But that careless little slip up could’ve killed my son


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