Best of the Best

I’d claim I was the best of the best if I was braggin’
But I lack when I rap and I end up blaggin
No matter how low my pants be saggin’
On the wrong side of thirty and my tail’s stopped waggin’
No chains around this neck or even own a set of decks
My voice a wreck and my flow int up to spec
And yet I still try blast beats till I die
Say I won’t blaze any more buds and I lie
And that line right there is the reason why
There’s no dough to boast about but no cry
Never been inspired by pounds and pence
Providing good feeds provided and I pay my rent
My wife and kids are heaven sent
And I never have to sit and worry bout where they went
And I prevent any illness don’t smoke cigarettes
And since I quit I can feel my chest
And I puff it out puff it out
Best of the best
That’s the only way to role if you want respect
Doesn’t matter if you’re talentless, worthless or a mess
A repeated lie spun nothing more nothing less
What did Trump get?
The top seat at the table
Weak and Wobbly says she’s strong and stable
And even though JC’s making a din
We all know that lies and greed in the end will win
So I’ll tell you I’m thin and maybe you’ll believe it
Claim that I’m dead and you’ll bereave it
Say I never said it and hope you’ll just leave it
A lie is the truth in your mind if I can weave it

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