Sun day

Patter on the window keeping you inside
All week you work while the sun heats and shines
All week been counting the days for your turn
Patiently waiting to tempt your skin to burn
Evening cold ones of course have been pleasant
But lingering thoughts of next day makes you a peasant
Only a rich man can cancel tomorrow
Pull a quick sickie and everyone will know
But in this green and temperamental land
An arrangement could be reached we all understand?
When vitamin D is in free abundance
We all break from the shackles at once
Basque in golden fleeting glory
For the next morning tells a different story
Perfect days to be worked off in lieu
When drizzle and clouds dash your only free two
The parks stay quiet in all conditions
For rigid scheduling allows no revision
“I declare today a public holiday
The sky is blue with no signs of grey
Productivity is low and your duties can wait
So live, love, drink and play”

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