Takes two feet for every step
House involuntarily wakes after you’ve slept
Defiant, resistant, stubborn and audacious
Your smokey rasp feels grand and spacious
Impressions that already grasp irony
No moment tainted with mundanity
A line about slugs slipped into any song
Refusal to let another sing along
A struggle to get nourishment passed your lips
Add sugar no need to force and insist
Enveloping wrists two multicoloured bands
For trips force sick in taxis and vans
Ears stand up at the rustle of a crisp pack
Fear of no man always ready to attack
A whack the usual chosen weapon
10 times stronger than any would reckon
A force of beauty, wit and charm
A flutter of lashes to twist any arm
And I won’t be alarmed when cuteness is replaced with grace
The most elegant lady in any given place
And face this world you will as we all do
But expectations are high of you
Yourself the only you must stay true to
The legend you become
You decide who

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