Patience is a virtue
No phrase more true
A segregating wall between the world and you
Patience is a close relation of meditation
Restrain and endurance in the things we do
Patience is control over those we have none
To possess or to not an icon of what we’ve become
An example of self centred pre notion assumption
Between how things really are or you expect them to be done
Patience is empathy strolling with forgiveness
Allowing understanding that this earth is bigger than us
Compassion in comprehension that error is not forbidden
Any displeasure or frustration is completely hidden
Patience is calm
Is still
Is liberation
Patience with transport, government, innovation
It’s out of our hands
As most grumbles seem to be
Red faced foot stamping hair pulling futility
A contagious disease that will not do
Understand that patience is contagious too
Patience is a passage to see you through
Coffee, noodles, TV, pics, now everything in an instant
Has reverted almost all of us to the state of an infant
But instant love, career or friendship simply don’t exist
Enjoy the instant life we love but be patient with this list
Be patient with your hobby, craft, education or your health
In these patience more valuable than any size of wealth
Give life time
Relax your mind
Demand of this world nothing
And watch it unwind
Patience is a virtue
Patience is the key
A signpost to others
Of your rationality

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