Slow Mobius

Slow Mobius
Save my soul because
Moments evaporate faster than vapour
Minutes disintegrate no delay and taper
Impatience a luxury for other minds
Hold me in this time
Fold me under this rhyme
Resist releasing your grasp
Until you see the wink of my eye
The sign that I am now ready to proceed
Content I’ve taken everything I need
Absorbed the knowledge, lesson and feel
Admired the beauty of the place, the face, the state and allow me to wait
In earlier days resembled films of the era
Slower cut scenes would drag and linger
Today resembling the mode again
The movie shows in one second multiple frames
Still processing one scene while three more have passed
Nothing is permanent
Nothing lasts
Slow Mobius
Bro show off your powers
Moving at light speed, days are hours
I want that embrace with my wife, son or daughter
To not be over faster than it ought to
A glint of malady after every page
Exiting right as soon as I take to that stage
My dish, spliff and drink are gone before I know it
Lock me in this train, my only space to be a poet
Sustain that note at the climax of my favourite song
Before long the speaker will be off and the tune will be gone
Along with everything else I want to hold on to dearly
The chance for reflection to see things clearly
Not craving never ending immortality
It’s just I woke up this morning and I’m passed 33
So much to take in
So much to see
Time kill your speed
Before you kill me


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