Fear Not

Fear is nothing to me
Fear’s not pulling and tugging on me
Fear is nothing to fear itself
Fear is the rarest of feelings felt
Fear is the push that is dealt to others
Fear is the repelling force against lovers
Fear comes down like a tonne of bricks
Fear’s unforgiving and fear insists
Fear of flying
Fear of home
Fear of living this life alone
Fear of judgement
Fear of praise
Fear of setting your heart ablaze
Fear of acceptance
Fear of the dark
Fear of the water
Fear of sharks
Fear of races, ages, sexes, strangers the lot
Fear not
Fear fear is all you’ve got
Fear fear is all you’ve got
Fear not the be all end all
Fear is not your final call
Fear is a mechanism
Fear is survival
Fear is an instinct from a time more tribal
Fear is extraneous
Fear is a drum
Fear is far better when overcome
Fear is nothing
Fear’s an illusion
Fear’s in collaboration with confusion
Fear’s the antagonist
Fear is the enemy
Fear stands at the foothills of insanity
Fear demands you climb
Fear commands your time
Fear is a club you don’t belong
Fear is to be ignored
Fear is not to be fed
Fear is to be starved
And fear is gone

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