Penny for your thoughts
Ten grand for your likes

Sophie’s choice
Your money or your life

Chasing followers
Comes at a price

A hike up
Pipe up
Question is this right
or wrong

Is a song for a singer or the one who sings along?
Seen to be a gift from artists
It’s as if their head has grown
Insecure, feel bored, sorry or we groan
All alone, condemn or condone?

Do we live for ourselves or the sake of others?
Lay ourselves bare or hide beneath the covers?
Press rejectors enough until they love us?
Seems they’re above us
Still our sisters and brothers?

Look at me
Look at me
Is anybody listening?
Even in the dark my spark is glistening
Even in the city these roots are bound
Paradise lost
Occasionally found

Get down
Get down
To the beats of your own sound
Cassette rewound
Is it best first time around?

Does it pound in with troughs and spikes?
A penny for your thoughts
Ten grand for your likes


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