On quick introduction your brain insists on clicking that bic
And ticking that list of boxes that drifts
And invisibly sits above each head
Ticks the categories in black and red
A quick fix to get to grips with if the tit in your peripheral
Is a git or prick or someone you can take the mick
Intelligent or thick
A good mix for you, a hit or miss
Tick the boxes of sex, of age, of wit
Simple minded, complex, their tastes and if they’re fit
Marital status, white, black, asian, ethnic mix
Passive aggressive, aggressive or pacifist
United, Spurs or City or don’t give a shit
Extremist nihilist with no reason to exist
Catholic, atheist or Islam
Tick as many boxes as you possibly can
On first glance can only tick if a woman or a man
And then the ticks stack up in an instant within the first minute
First impression is fixed, did they fail or did they win it?
Did you?
Did they tick the wrong box?
Did they have you as a dog when you’re really a fox?
Did they have you as a skinhead when you’re just going bald?
Did they have you as a scrapper when you’ve never even brawled?
Did they tick you as old, rich or gay?
Is there any way the boxes you ticked were misplaced?
Is there any way that even if you ticked the right ones you still have no idea what’s going on in their brain?
The value of a character is not in the boxes attained
But in the actions and intentions on display
And even though to box tick is human instinct
Resist, desist, unclick the bic and think


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