Off Grid

Poisonous chalice avoiding all malice
Embroiled in a malady of callous overzealousness
Coins on a balance of happiness and poised stability
Humility and generosity are biased
Tie us down
In the black? You out of your head?
All in the red
From the basket to the casket
Even after you’re dead
Check the atlas for a spot where the system is rid
Not a single square kilometre exists off the grid
You want to live off the land?
To your mouth from your hand
If you want to sell a little then here comes the tax man
Want to generate some power on your own?
That’s banned
Wax candles
Jesus sandals
Property and land get attacked by vandals
Planning to escape but can’t get a handle
Back to the city with your tail in between your knees
Contribution made don’t rock the boat
Cats at the top keep this deck afloat
Trickle down trickle down it’s falling on me
But it’s barely spitting, carried off in the breeze
Altruism and pleasantries affecting the economy
Strong and stable is all that we need
Strong and stable is not what we see
Strong and stable masquerading as greed

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