The Best Things

Quadrants of magnetic fields drawing in pockets
Shut down existence, sit on the case and lock it
Telescreen is gratis after the first initial purchase
As long as you don’t need the shows that are actually worth it
Supermarket own brands
Any vices must be banned
Or be branded a waster
And your five a day comes from cans
Make your own entertainment and your guitar strings break
Your pen runs out of ink
And your vocal chords shake
Got mates but the distance is so far away
And transport’s just put up their rates
Parks, galleries and libraries are free
For now
Soon you’ll just have the air to breathe
And when they find a way to package that
All we’ll have is love
Love in a flat that has no heat
Love being lit by lamps in the street
Love with tins of celery to eat
Love without music
Love without treats
And my love knows this love is free
My love, and all the loves, in the same boat as me

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