Rather live on a bench than sleep in a tent
Sooner have no money than pay my rent
I’d write off the car before taking a dent
Better to burn down the house than see where my keys went
Prefer to be cursed than just hear the words
Dive into a sewer than be shat on by a bird
Forget biting my tongue just cut it off
Give me lung cancer over a cough
Quake the earth before giving us drizzle
Honey G not Lethal Bizzle
I’d risk polio in case of autism
Choose getting hanged over two days in a prison
Salmonella or no mayonnaise?
Sod the dentist, take the ache for days
Work for free instead of minimum wage
Spray glass weed over purple haze
Malaria or mozzy bite
Acne over zit
Take world war 3 over a lover’s tiff
Choose distilled evil or just a bit shite
Rather be a Tory than a Corbynite

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