Agitated Aquarium

Minor headache erupting to a magnum
Befuddled father and a stressed out mum
Nervous breakdown any minute no doubt
As a hundred nursery kids scream and shout
Not a word exchanged between any of them
Crashing, thumping and pushing but no problem
Balloons fought over
No shoes allowed
Parents split between bored, polite and proud
Some never taking their eyes off their screens
Others struggling to take in the scene
An information overload
A wild fish bowl
Peppa bouncy castle
Rows unfold
A spread of food
Only chocolate consumed
Birthday girl displays a prerogative to be rude
Presents snatched and stored before a greeting
Pleasantries forced and gratitude fleeting
Sweets supplied at every turn
Sugar stored a minimum burnt
A manic gaze on every face
Most treats hidden in bags just in case
Pass the parcel
Drum and Bass
Is that what passes for kids’ tunes these days?
All lights off
Cutting the cake
Two hours over
Break away
Kids are crashing all over the place
Don’t want to leave but unsure why
Build them up and make them cry


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