I don’t know who you are but come on inside
No sign of life or soul in your eyes
Sit down in the kitchen I’ll make you a brew
I can hear your words but nothing gets through
I hate you, you stress me
You seem to arrest me
Weigh me down, are you here to test me?
Bless my heart and grant my prayers
I lead you to the top of the stairs
Of the dim lit basement, look down there
A dare of which you aren’t aware
My hairs stand up as does the shot gun


An outline of chalk in my mind only
Etches inside and time moves slowly
Arms spread out
A quarter to one
Legs together
Twenty past four
Look back once
Then close the door

Weeks go by got some people over for drinks
Telling my best friend I’m going to jail I think
He blinks
“Why would you say that?”
“I killed a guy
I don’t know who and I can’t think why
But the body’s still lying downstairs in the cellar”
My buddy turns white and then pale yellow
“Can I see?”
“If you must”
“Yes. I insist”
“There you go”
“Shit you’re in big trouble for this”
“Yeah I know but I’m finding it hard to care”
“Why’s that?”
“Maybe cos I don’t have a cellar”
“Maybe cos I don’t have a cellar”
“Maybe cos I don’t have a cellar”
Reapproach the door and look down the stairs
The body is gone
And this a nightmare
But now it’s a dream and transported elsewhere

Elated liberated standing on the pier
A crowd has formed a chorus of cheer
The ocean sparkles, glistens, glows
The sun beats down, the tide a gentle flow
And down below the being is born
With each jump from the waves his body transforms
A tadpole, a fish, a frog, a seal
The children watch with glee and squeal
The clear crisp water oozes appeal
And I dive straight down and start to feel
That this is the ultimate freedom
The being is a product of my created kingdom
The last two leaps a dolphin then a turtle form
Extending it’s flat elongated arm
I reach out mine and we make contact
I lie in bed and cry and laugh


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