Heart of the Earth

Overcharged greetings and tearful goodbyes
Exchanged in every peripheral of every eye
Suits, boots, cases ,laces, sunburns
Anticipated beginnings and exhausted returns
The ongoing input/output machine
Churns, steams, flows, gleams
Pristine in each corner no bags can be left
A human experience though inhuman nonetheless
The building, the warnings, the awnings the mill
Designated bustling and other patches still
Exceeds 100mil goes straight in the bin
Along with this precarious looking thing
No it doesn’t matter if you need it for your work
You see that edge could properly hurt someone
Could use it as a weapon
A raised voice?
Step to one side son
Wide eyed panicked family plane’s been missed
8 year old son’s name on the no fly list
No chances taken, could be a jihadist
Though there must be a million Thomas Smiths
“Thomas Cantona Smith? Are you taking the piss?”
No middle name given but can’t take the risk
Never ending milk bottles checked for toxicity
“Sir if you don’t mind taking a swig of that for me…”
Belts off, jackets off, boots off, now what?
Overpacked baggage there’s additional cost
Charged more than the bag itself cost
The world’s oldest people stagger about lost
Pen knives, lighters, aerosols tossed
Business to business
Residence to residence
Future from the past on hold in the present
Beautiful people forever prevalent
To one another never more irrelevant
Flowing blood vessels knocking around a heart
Separated into valves at the boarding gate
Bridges the arteries sending them apart
Planes are the veins to pump them away


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