Do I have the permission to miss you?
Does it mean I’ve failed if each day the urge to lick you and kiss you and flick you
Kicks into my head at such an increasing rate
I need to reach for a tissue and sob?
God I need you in my life
My best friend, companion and wife
My other half
But don’t tell my real wife since she thinks that all is alright
It’s not
And as pathetic as it is to admit
I need a fucking spliff
Remembering the days that you were just sputnik
Made me a bit sick
However I still wanted to get in on that shit
But it was the idea of you I was in love with
Over the years you became much sweeter
You mellowed out and I mellowed with you
I didn’t even want to spend time with friends anymore
Or sleep around, or sleep at all
Of course I questioned the connection we had
When I failed to get hold of you it drove me mad
But I’d find you
An expensive date
Be on minus money by the end of the day
And didn’t care
Who needs money when you’re dancing on air?
Who needs life when there’s bongs to prepare?
Not me
But I wasn’t always faithful
Wasn’t always there for you
And every girl would screw up their face when I tried to explain our special relationship
A love I can’t quit
But some of these ladies are so persuasive
And all of those women were out for day trips
And you never judged
When I’d run back to you
You just cuddled and hugged my lungs my mind
We intertwine
You complete me
Don’t enjoy ice cream or watching TV
In the same way I can’t have deep sleeps
Without you
And then I found my wife
She understood
Only this mistress could be good for me
To keep me grounded
Keep me sane
But as I tried to explain before
It comes at a cost
A bill the kids would foot at last
So now we’re lost, to each other
I dreamt about you again last night lover
I held you in my arms
Until woken by my alarm
And you were gone
I smoked baccy the other day
Just for something to roll
And the pull down was good
But the feeling was cold
Just a meaningless fling to fill the void
When I think about you with other boys I crack
I’m green with envy
Catch your scent in the street and it sends me into a frenzy
Makes me think of all the legendary times we had
Remember that one time?
You know?
Wasn’t that long ago
You know?
That time that I got stoned


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