A slight tingle offering awareness
A hint of discomfort just below the surface
The strengthening banging of a drum in the distance
Hope of retraction quashed by insistence
Existence soon to be arrogantly dominated
A general sensation persistently concentrated
Echoes are swelling, souls are yelling
Waves of throbbing, futile propelling
Lightning hits and holds its bolt
Defences concede, immunity revolts
Pulsating penetrating and deeply unforgiving
Beginning considering a life worth living
Cognition reduced to fuzzy thinking
Buzzing innings deceptive reflecting
As both walls tremble and salt water rises
No continuation, no surprises
One more strike of the thinnest needle
Teases downwards, deepest evil
Knees hit the floor, hands scramble at the package
Double strength, double drop, doubled over, flaccid
Attack’s redacted, eventually
Double muse required for the next cup of tea

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