IMG_4421Stop running you’re making me nervous
Both getting the 6:46 service
Got fifteen minutes and we’re ten away
Why not give those little legs of yours a break?
On your face there’s so much urgency
Was your make-up applied at the exact same speed?
Your eyes so black can you even see?
Face so white can you even breathe?
How fast do you get dressed in the morning?
Wallace and Gromit style arms from the awning?
Does your bed tilt up and run you through the shower?
From sleep to the door in a quarter of an hour?
I can see you at the gates of the station
I really urge you to be a little patient
You’re half a kilometre in front of me
And I can still see short bursts of energy
The train isn’t going to leave you know
I’m walking as slow as I could possibly go
I see you on the platform puffing and panting
I still have time to listen to the birds sing
Standing and enjoying the scene
But you look so stressed like life is so mean
But relaxé vous, s’il vous plait
I’d like to give you a hug if I may
Let’s take the day
Forget the train
Life can already be such a pain
Not much difference in all of us
But you’re the hare
And I’m the tortoise

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