Future Shock?

IMG_4430It’s 2017 where’s my motherfucking hover board?
Look to the skies no sign of the motherboard
I long to see crazy beings out in the street
Seen birds and cats since 1983
I want three headed red and purple orninoids
Want heavily enhanced pure cannabinoids
I want teleportation
Flying cars
Package holidays to distant stars
I want knowledge installed on my cranium
I want to see a better use for uranium
Electric doors
Beers from the tap
Alien UFC just for a laugh
I need portals, more tools want to be immortal
Trips through a wormhole
Holographic porn films
Cornrows or curls at the push of
a button
Factory made identical mutton
So no animal gets killed
Want a pill for my weight
That I take every day
And I eat what I may
And stay slim
Want blow ups just like Kim
The fat North Korean
Not the Karadashian
Thought this was the future
Expected more
More Back To The Future than 1984
Yeah we got tellescreens, double speak, war
But I thought by now there’d be a Black and Decker oven for
Rehydrating miniature pizzas
Nike trainers with built in features
Cryogenically freeze my eyes
And wake me up when the future arrives




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