Even if you open up your chakra you won’t see shit
Non recognition in a never ending blitz of
Blips and Chitz, fits, relationships
Pouting lips and tits hiding thoughts and wit
Riding shares and hits
Scrambling to get your voice heard
Get your stamp firmly imprinted on this earth
For a second
Fleeting popularity the greatest weapon
Double turn and the days gone bye
Revolution no. 9 and you’re a third through you life
Has your character arched or are you stuck on the curve?
Have you listened intently or you not even heard?
How many faces are smiling?
How many down?
How many stretching out their arms to embrace their mound?
How many selfless souls are to be found?
Can you count?
One in a million? Maybe fewer?
Demand for more thinkers
A cap on the doers
A tap on the brewer to snap your inhibitions
Connecting with strangers such a paramount mission
Show your ticket have they even seen it?
Have a nice day do they even mean it?
Your mess, no stress
Somebody else is going to come and clean it
Sea of sleeptalkers, porkers, daydreamers IMG_4414

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