MW Doom

I’d love to be a rapper but I’m just not black enough
Suppose my requisition stems from how I was brought up
A middle class honky growing up in the eighties
Had never seen an MC with a lighter tone than Jay-Z
Around 1990 just couldn’t believe my eyes
Ice Ice Baby who the fuck’s Vanilla Ice?
Why try as hard as he might to be black?
But not just that, something weird about his rap
There’s no flow, there’s no soul and another 8 years or so
Until we got a cracker who could really hold his own
Now I know we had the Beasties but for little middle class old me
Every tune I heard was Top of Pops or Key 103
Now Shady was amazing and he brought the game to life
But needed the endorsement from Compton to get the light
A plethora of critics not accepting this is right
But with Dr Dre behind him didn’t matter he was white
But still in my mind he was black community
Something naturally impossible for me to be
Now I’ve been called a lot of things but pretentious isn’t one
And as much as I love rap it’s a world I don’t belong
Can’t brag about bitches cos I’m happily married
Can’t talk about guns cos I’m a Brit and never carried
Stories from a life on the street? Don’t have any
Raised in a seven bed Victorian semi
All the greatest hits utilise words of race
I wouldn’t use the N-word cos I know it’s not my place
But the main point to take is the message rap conveys
When I listen I cling to each word a rapper says
Be it Mos Def, Snoop, NWA
Kendrick, Cole or ,I’m sorry, Kanye
The life of a black man living in the states
A state for me that’s a million miles away
So I guiltily listen with empathy
When there’s a call to form I know it’s not for me
I am the enemy
I am the devil’s seed
I am a tourist finding out what it’s like to be
Something I’ll never be, vicariously living out the tales so I can see what it feels like
So when I hear a white dude getting rude on a mic
I’m not exactly saying he doesn’t have the right
But rap for me was always bout stories from the hood
And anything that I could do would nowhere near be as good
Not celiac so don’t need gluten free
Don’t care for football so I don’t have a footy team
Don’t enjoy inebriation so I stop after three
When it’s time to rhyme my shitty poems will do for me IMG_4406

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