IMG_4385Mayhem knows the left is split
So I suggest they get their shit together
I’m talking bout honest unity
Don’t allow this bitch to rule with impunity
Act as one do the country a favour
I’m talking Green, SNP, Lib Dems and Labour
Step down from seats to give one the greatest chance
Send out a message to the voters in advance
That populism, nationalism, isolationist
A bleak dark future stems from this
Easy for the dickheads to support cash and hate
With electorates divided there appears no other way
But it’s not too late the future is now
We don’t have to be run by cunts I’ll tell you how
Each constituency, one opposition
Anti-austerity, pro European
Brexit pricks choose Tory or UKIP
With 4 other choices we’re all in the shit
May wants unity and that we can give her
United against all that she can deliver

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